I have had several astrological readings over the course of my lifetime. Without a doubt, Dr. Blinston is the most positive and generous astrologer with whom I have ever worked. Her compassion and attention to detail is simply exquisite. Recently I had two readings with Dr. Blinston. One was my Solar Return and the other was an AstroCartoGraphy reading. For my Solar Return, Dr. Blinston created several charts until she found the perfect place for me to be on my birthday—Salisbury, England. The trip, from start to finish, was pure magic. Everything flowed effortlessly and everyone with whom I interacted on the trip seemed to have been placed on my path to offer me a gift. I am still basking in blessings of the trip. I also took at trip to a location Dr. Blinston suggested during the AstroCartoGraphy reading she did for me. This trip, too, was spectacular. In preparing to go I discovered that I had friends living in my destination city that I was previously unaware had moved there! I had such fun reconnecting with them. For anyone who is seeking clarity and guidance in their life, I highly recommend that you have a reading with Dr. Blinston. The support and insights you will receive from a reading with Dr. Blinston are gifts that I urge you to give to yourself.