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What is Positive Astrology?

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What is "Positive Astrology"?

Positive Astrology, as used by Dr. Blinston, is a perspective of Western Astrology born from the foundation of Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology concerns itself with what is right with you instead of what is wrong—what in you causes your joy, happiness, and overall well-being. Taken a step further, the foundation of the positive perspective of Western Astrology is then wed with the Law of Attraction. The two combined provide you with the knowledge of the energies and forces available to mold and manifest your wishes and desires. Likened to the ideas of quantum physics, the planetary energies provide pure potentiality pertaining to the influences they represent (money, love, communication, inspiration, power, influence, etc.).

Knowledge is power. When you know the energies available, or the energies that you can make available, then you are empowered with choices and the ability to manifest your desires. There is one planetary influence that is pure abundance potentiality, and it comes around only once every 12 years! Wouldn't you want to know when it is coming around for you?!

Positive Astrology is the stuff of miracles. And, each of you is the miracle maker when you know the potentials available to you.