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An Astrological Consultation

All charts and maps are emailed as PDF attachments prior to the session, so you can be looking at the charts as Dr. Blinston explains everything to you in plain language. You will actually be learning about astrology throughout your session!

There are three types of astrological consultations:



General Consultation (minimum of 1 hour)
Three to 5 charts are used as well as maps if appropriate:

  1. Natal Chart
  2. Transit Chart
  3. Progressed Chart
  4. Current Solar Return Chart
  5. World Map (if appropriate)

Solar Return Consultation (Minimum of 1 hour—New Clients minimum of 1.5 hours)
One to 20 charts and maps are used

  1. Solar Return Chart for Location of Residence
  2. One to 15 Solar Return Charts for alternate Locations
  3. Maps of Locations if Appropriate for Session

Location Consultation—AstroCartoGraphy (Minimum 1 hour)
Three to 8 maps are used:

  1. World Map
  2. Continent Map
  3. Country Map
  4. State or Province Map