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Dr. Deborah Barnett, Ph.D.
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Dr. Deborah Barnett, Ph.D.
Asheville, NC

What Clients Say

I was very nervous and upset about...and I listened to the recording [of our session] and it calmed me right down.

- J.S.
New Hampshire

You were right, P.'s family was not comfortable with me when we were on holiday but I was ready so everything went well. Thank you!

- S.S.

This is the best [money] I have ever spent! Thank you!

- D.D.

Oh, my, you are very advanced at this stuff! Thank you very much!

- C.B.

I wanted to thank you again for the insightful information, the maps and your beautiful energy. Of course I know we didn't forget E. and your priorities were right on. I've passed your name on to a couple of people who were interested. I hope we will keep in touch and thanks again.

- A.T.

I was able to listen to [the recording and hear] the reading again and it was very helpful. I love your explanations when going over my chart. Thank you very much.

- C.M.

I know that our session was very powerful...I can feel and experience the impact of it. You are great and i am very happy for your insights...thank you for listening to me and for sharing so many insights...I am moved by your support Irene..

- A.W.

Thank you for the reading yesterday. I have found a renewed spirit and revalidation that for some inexplicable reason I am on the right track. Thanks again.

- D.H.

Time got away from me so quickly since we talked. I am so fascinated with your help especially since getting my business profitable is incredibly important to me in every way. Well, I am taking your advice very seriously!

- L.M.

You were 'spot on' with your reading. Thanks!

- E.F.

Just an interesting note you may like: today walking to my work I was crossing an intersection when a $5 bill happened to show up right in front of my feet. I looked around who might have lost the money but could see no one so I picked up the money. Is this what you were talking about yesterday? It really felt like as if the Universe has placed that money right in front of my feet as a symbol and as an encouragement. I was laughing a lot because before this whole thing happened I kept saying as my mantra " money is pouring to me without any obstacle". What do you think?

- E.M.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have new hope! I am so happy!

- J.R.

Thanks Irene! Wonderful reading - just the inspiration I needed!

- K.G.

Just wanted to let you know Iíve made reservations at the...hotel, and will be there time for my solar return! Iím very excited!!!!! Thank you so much for helping birth this possibility. I so appreciate your skillfulness and insightfulness.

- L.B.
New Hampshire

Thank you so much for your generous time and keen insight. I am enjoying the digestion process right now and look forward to hearing it all again in a few days for, I am sure, additional 'epiphanies'. I so look forward to speaking with you again and I am feeling like I have this 'cannei' that at some point, I will have the pleasure of meeting you.

- N.H.

You are definitely the best; a true professional. I have had many sessions with all kinds of astrologers, but you are without a doubt the best.

- D.S.

I have so much to take in... FABULOUS time I am living! Now it is just a matter of stepping into it, for real! :-)

- P.C.

...and so many more...